Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Imbolc Groundhogs!

I'm an old fashioned pagan - not a neo-Pagan, or even a Pagan. Small p for me, thank you very much. But I'm a rather uninformed one, as most of the stuff I find focuses on the P vs the p. Or confuses the two with Wicca, and I don't buy much of that. What I do like is the inclusion of the feminine divine, so generally I consider self a Belle-ist. I've never taken the easy road, you know?

What has this to do with Groundhog Day? Well, I just discovered that Imbolc is the celebration of Brigid and celebrates the coming of spring. Of course, once the Church got into the act, they switched Brigid to Mary - thereby doing the normal Christian thing and then the even more normal disempowering the feminine...

Then Feb 1 became Feb 2 (with Mary) and then somehow to Groundhogs as the harbinger of spring. 

So I'm now embracing Imbolc - the Celtic version - as a favorite holiday/holy day. It reimpowers the feminine, snubs nose at the Church (institution, not religion) and nods at cute little ground dwellers.

Happy Imbolc dear readers.


medieval woman said...

'Tis today?? Happy Imbolc!

webmaster said...

So how will you celebrate? Light candles? Eat special food? Watch for various animals in the yard to emerge?

Belle said...

No, not today. Officially the 1st.