Sunday, September 6, 2009

Glory Glory

Great weather. Some gardening. Playing with pups. Naps. Lovely food, easily made. Yeah, some things are really nice.

Too much time lately working on IB stuff; that always induces rages and faux-arguments. You ever do those? Argue with somebody who's not there, but to whom you'd like to finally get through and be heard? So in these arguments, I articulate a bunch of stuff that I feel, vent it into the cosmos, and focus the energy released into weed pulling. I'm savoring a minor... thing I managed the other night. IBDA's been a real asshole with the move of mom to the Bay Area. He took her off hospice and won't answer my questions about whether/when he'll put her back on. Then he texts, wanting me to overnight stuff - the latest is the blood sugar monitor. I told him to get an RX from his buddy the doctor and go get a freebie through Medicare. Next thing he wants is some help figuring out Medicare, the process, how to get cheap test strips... I finally had enough and just cut it off: 'can't help.' And that's been the end of the texting so far.

Honestly. I spent 20 hours this past week trying to put out the fires he started by accusing all & sundry of abuse and neglect. And he has the nerve to come to me - the person he's accused of this - for help. I finally had an email exchange with CAA, who said she didn't get my letter, then when she did, she went defensive on me. Rather than read the letter and recognize that there had been significant evidence not considered, she simply said "I think I did the right thing." This blanket denial of contradicting evidence was always a possibility, but until she said it, I had not realized how much I had relied on her to look over the evidence and acknowledge a mistake. I had accepted the possibility of a denial, but not my own reaction to such a denial. fury... ah yeah, that comes close.

Fired Lawyer finally got back to me with some more worthless paper. I'd called and asked for the complete file. He didn't comply with that, or if this is his idea of a complete file it shows just how bad he really is. Anyway, he answered my seven questions with a bunch of blah. "The trust contains all that it did, except that which is not there." Gee, isn't that helpful? "You have all the authority and responsibilities of the trust and POA except those you do not have." Such clarity.

Mom's best friend & my 2nd mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, did I mention that? Last week she had a lumpectomy, and they think they got it all. This is her second kind of cancer, third round. My friend in France (in her 5th? round) had bad reaction to the trial meds they were giving her, so she's back to 'regular' chemo. A colleague at RNU just moved back to Home State Near Parents because her ALS had gotten so bad that she was increasingly confined to wheel-chair. And was having trouble getting used to using the feeding tube. She's in her late 40s. It's been hard around here.

So days like today - good weather amd a semi-functioning mind - I'm luxuriating in. Yeah, I'm broke, but I'm so much healthier that many others close by. Giving thanks for the little things that make me happy.


Ink said...

Oh, Belle, that is awful. All of the craziness with IBDA and the sad news about your 2nd Mom. **Hugs**

Maude Lebowski said...

Look at those pups though!! They make me smile.


heu mihi said...

I'm sorry! Enjoy those puppies, though--it's nice that they're around.

--and ditto on the (((((belle))))).

bitternsweet said...

Love the pups picture. Warms my heart to see your family.