Thursday, November 29, 2012

Two More (14)

So today's classes are now history. In the first, our CMS has managed to screw up, which means I have to re-write my syllabus for the Senior Seminar. I spoke harshly to my Senior Screw Up, told him he was, as of today, failing the class because he'd a) not completed all the assignments and b) turned in a 32% plagiarized second paper. Spoke happily to Worker Student, who has just really blossomed in his writing this term, done everything he was supposed to do and done it pretty darned well too. Then we revised expectations and I sent them off to write like crazy because next Friday they have papers due - that they have not started - and they have to be done without a chance to re-draft. If Screw Up does what he is supposed to do, and it's clean, clear, precise and what he's expected to do, he may pull out of this class with low C. If he performs true to form, he'll fail. Period.

Then I putzed with the Gagauz (American spelling) and found a bunch of interesting stuff. Glanced at one of those annoying message reminder things and realized I was 10 minutes late to a meeting. So off I rushed to that (they also provided an icky lunch) for two hours. When it was over, the new director of our Learning/Teaching office asked to speak to me. And, in a move that both startled and pleased me greatly, he asked if I would join the advisory board for them. I am thrilled. I've wanted to be on that board for years! We chatted a bit, filled in some blanks we each had about the other, and realized we have some areas and experience in common. I'm looking forward to being on that board.

Back in my office, I went to check my mail and overheard Adjunct talking about our mutual surprise re: Gagauz in Moldova. We're a couple of East European history geeks, and we were off! It was so much fun - from Gagauz to vampires (รก la The Historian and Discovery of Witches), to her teaching a class for us on Roman history (I refuse), to team teaching a class we're calling Witches, Whores and Uppity Women (somehow we'll work vampires into it), back to vamps and good books... the students were cracking up, totally delighted to see that side of us. Great fun. I'd really like to have Adjunct on faculty - I don't know that we'll ever get that line back. And if we did, if Star would give in on his plan to hire one of his buddies after a nominally national search. But Adjunct & I get along really well, she'd be a great addition to the faculty and she wants the job.

Two weeks from today I will be on my way to Paris, then to Cairo on the 15th. Wheeeee!


JoJo said...

Will you be back for Christmas or staying overseas? A friend of mine just got back from Greece & Cairo.

Belle said...

Spending Christmas and New Years in Egypt! A couple of days in January before heading home. Very excited!!!!! (can you tell?) 13 days and counting...