Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday (11)

Two weeks from today I'll be in Cairo, staring at and climbing pyramids! Wheeee! I leave in 11 days for Paris. Ahhhhh. While I'm gone, I expect to be posting pictures and travel tales!

Meanwhile, back at home...

Doing some glass again. Have been making fused glass things for friends as holiday tokens.
So far, I've made about 2 dozen, and have gone from using scrap glass to creating scrap glass specifically for these things. I do like them... and they are fast, and easy. And did I mention pretty? When held up to the light, they are glorious fusions of color and light.

Doing laundry now, just back from the grocery store. I have entered the phase of pre-travel when I question everything I buy with "will I use this in the next X days, am I taking this, or can it wait until I get back?" 

Weather is being very odd. Sunny and warm; mid 60s and even some low 70s, very dry and absolutely no rain in sight. I am having to water to keep things alive. If it started raining now and rained for a week, I honestly think I'd welcome it! Snow not needed, but rain would be lovely. I did indulge in a short sun-soak this morning with a cup of coffee in the back yard. Pup on lap, coffee in hand. gentle sunlight. Ahhhh.

I have been gathering things for my trip: a carry-on with lots of pockets from Vera Bradley, goodies for my friends in Paris (popcorn and antacids; need to find package of candy corn), toiletries, socks without holes, sunscreen w/bug goop, hat, loading the iPad with books & articles, camera & various associated chargers and cords, etc.. Am taking only 1 bag + carry-on for the 3+ weeks. And part of that will be left there, leaving room for Egypt souvenirs. I should have plenty of room. Thankfully, the only stairs I anticipate are those getting into Paris from the airport via the metro. And the damned hill from metro to friend's flat, which is steep and, if the weather is bad, slippery. 

Dinner tonight with friends at recently-discovered Indian place. Good food, great prices. Lovely company. Which means I need to save all my Weight Watchers points for dinner. Which means I have to ignore the calling of the food in the kitchen.


Janice said...

Have a great trip! I'm going to a whole bunch of nowhere this season so I will vicariously travel through you.

JoJo said...

Sounds like a great trip!!