Friday, January 25, 2013

RBOC, January edition the last

  • Star debacle: I have finally secured a meeting with the Dean. After the frustrating meeting with Star, I sent off a note to Dean clarifying my past situational rejections of the chair position and stating that I want it now. After which zie asked me to get with hir secretary and set up a time. So that's next Wednesday. Now I need to get past the residual (and all-too-healthy) distrust of Dean and focus on forward/future vs present/past. Haven't forgiven Star yet either, for whatever that is worth. Star's refusal to turn over department stuff to me now - see previous post - continues to grate. I also mentioned it to Dean as a way of demonstrating the 'I must do everything alone' attitude of Star. I really must learn to let go of past/present grudges.
  • I also need to learn to negotiate between now and Wednesday. Am reading Women Don't Ask for whatever I can get from that. Any suggestions on how to overcome a life-long refusal to negotiate in order to get what I want? How do I  make it about mutual benefit vs win/lose?
  • The current round of IBDA idiocy continues, but there is a faint promise of light at the end of the twisted tunnel. The problem now seems to be that Twit in SoCal still can't be clear in his writing of business letters. I think.
  • Have begun new research project, and am very surprised that my current topic doesn't seem to have ANY secondary literature out there. I've done searches in the various databases and ProQuest stuff, and find nothing. That's just weird. And can't be right. So I've thrown out a net via H-Net discussion list-serve to see if anybody's got any ideas. Hope it works!
  • Love my new class schedule. I'm on campus 5 days a week, but three of those are library hide-hole only. Classes themselves seem to be good too, which is lovely. Today is the last day to drop/add, and I just had one student want to get into a class. Told hir no, as with a participation-heavy class such as mine, it would be setting hir up for a very hard class. Zie seems to have accepted that quite well.


Janice said...

Sounds like you're making some good steps there, especially with the dean. I also like your new term schedule and wise way with the students! You rock!

Susan said...

Wish I knew better how to negotiate, but in this case, I think it's a simple sell: here's where Star was taking the Dept., I think we can do this, this is what we need, and this is the support I need to do it.

Now, if I could just do that with MY dean...

undine said...

The Dean should be able to figure out that Star's "I can do it all" stance at one level means "I secretly hope everything will collapse in a heap when I'm gone." It's good that you're being proactive about wanting the chair position.