Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mid Feb... Already

The Dean is still putting me off re: MsM's hire as VAP, and I've heard from somebody else that ARC has a friend that wants to apply for the job when it gets posted. OMG, do I not want that. So now I know to keep ARC off the search committee. That sounds mean, but honestly, his friendship with this person is hardly a good recommendation for said person. If I could trust ARC to recuse himself from pitching this person to the dept, he'd be a natural on the committee. I can't.

Star has mentioned - in passing - that he'll be moving from RNC mid-June. This is good for me. Less good is that he still won't give me the files on his advisees. I've tried various rationales and it's always 'no, I've got it.' With a large dose of 'back off, they're mine until I leave' attitude. So, okay.

Classes are okay. The students aren't stepping up as they should and promised they would, so that means something's got to be adjusted. Soon. One of my seniors came in - he's doing his student teaching this term - and made me very happy by saying he's going to be a history teacher rather than a history teacher/wrestling coach. This is a major step for him - he started wanting to be a coach and only as a selling point 'oh yeah, I can teach history' coach. So he's come a long way. Now, he's happily reconsidering job offers, because he really loves teaching history! This is very exciting - and he's seriously thinking about grad school. And he positively glowed when he said he'd gone back over some earlier work and realized that all the work we did on his writing last term helped his writing. He's proud of his work now, and bragged that even his education profs complimented him on his progress. And he attributed that to the seminar he did with me last term. Aw, shucks...

So I sat down a couple of days back and looked over the next two years, and laid out various plans. First, there's the personal plans: stay home this summer, plan a longish fun/research summer for 2014 (Africa, Europe), think about another significant 'dream trip' after that. Then the professional stuff: sabbatical application fall 2013 for fall, conferences in October 2013, April 2014, sabbatical fall 2014 (France & UK), conference addressing that research April 2015. Then the department/teaching stuff: move into new office (so that includes a painting weekend and a carpet cleaning prior to), work on search committee composition, review all the department stuff Star leaves, deal with new VAP for fall 2013, job posted October, application review/meetings Nov/Dec, national conference for interviews Jan 2014, campus visits Feb/Mar 2014, hire new AP April (latest, hopefully). Putting it all together was kinda fun, and more than a little freaky. As someone who rarely plans more than a month or two out, looking out and seeing April 2015 and how busy I'm going to be in there? Bizarre. What it does mean is that once this spring term ends, I'll have about 6 weeks to relax before diving into a really hectic 22 months. And so I'm thinking now that once those 22 months are over, I'll be ready for that next big dream trip.

Hosted a picture party & potluck last night, so that three of us could share the pictures of our holiday adventures: me & Egypt, A's Indian wedding and J's decorating floats for the Rose Parade. Had a nice turnout, lots of good food. My social obligations have now been fulfilled. And the house is delightfully clean.

Cooking glass today - my new office will have huge windows facing north (basically a wall of windows, tons of natural light. No one has ever had anything in those windows - I plan to have lots of stained and fused glass to infuse color into the space. So I'm experimenting. And making jewelry for friends.

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