Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Star came in today at 12:20 to tell me I could go to the Chairs committee meeting in his place. It was at 1. I said 'well, since you're still chair, you should go but I'd like to sit in.' 'No, you can just go instead of me. But tell them I'm working on a, b and c.' All of which, I might add, are things I should be doing as they are for next fall and after, and concern me and the department rather than Star. But no, that he wants to do. He just wants me to go to this meeting, so he can go to lunch.

So at 1, I'm sitting at the table, in an odd position. There are two people there that know I am to be chair next fall - the dean and the assoc dean. The real chair is missing. So we go through 8 agenda items, long discussion... and then the dean says 'Belle is here, will be the chair next fall, sitting in so that she can help make the transition smoother.' And...

There is applause. Applause. Seriously? I mean.... seriously? But okay, thank you and all that... made me feel good actually. But... applause?

One of the things I found out is that contacting prospective students is now a requirement and expected of all chairs. So I delegated that to Dino, who likes to write chatty letters to strangers and chat on the phone to same. It's about damned time he did something for the department. And I hate that kind of recruiting stuff; crap, we have a bunch of people who are recruiters - I don't ask them to teach, but they can get us to recruit? Yeah, yeah, I know all the rationales. I just do like or buy them. Dino prides himself on being 'entrepreneurial.' Let him.

But then Star wants to know what happened during the meeting, and who said what. I wish he'd decide whether he is or isn't going to be the chair. Be consistent. Be... gone.

We are still in process on the VAP, waiting for reference responses. Two came in the first day (yesterday), and we're waiting on the next two - and if they aren't back by Thursday, I'll call and get the info myself.

Note to future self: 1) when you resign, resign, don't try and hang on; 2) answer reference requests ASAP, other people's futures hinge on them.


nicoleandmaggie said...

ROFL. I'm sure you're a wonderful person and deserved that applause, but it wow, that Star must really be a PITA to everyone(!)

undine said...

I'm sure you deserved the applause, too. Star will soon be micromanaging at his/her new university, so there's that to look forward to.