Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Getting Things Done

Dino1 finally got the Assessment report done and submitted. Astonishing, but it seems he has learned a lot. And he keeps thanking me for my leadership style and help. Dino2 is avoiding me, after a run-in about his responsibilities, which I won when the Dean backed me vs him. D2 is not amused, and I assume nothing will change until after he misses the next faculty meeting. After which I will again tweak him, he will again assure me he's too important to attend such silly things, we'll go back to the Dean and then, just maybe, it'll be bounced up to the Provost. Who will avoid confrontation yet again. After that, repeat until the Provost tells one of us to back off and do what we're supposed to do. If she comes down on me I will be surprised. Hopefully she'll come down on D2, and he'll bristle and threaten retirement, and we can all get on with our lives.
Our national search continues, with about 25 applicants in. Far less than I expected or hoped for, particularly since not a single one has the qualifications/background the posting details as either required or expected. Ms M has still not uploaded her stuff, despite repeated requests. I'm getting a bit peeved about that; it doesn't bode well for her future. She's blowing me off about several things. Hmmm.

All the curricula/program changes have been approved within the college; now it's mostly procedural through the rest of the steps. None of this goes into effect until the next catalog - next fall. But they do make our lives easier. We have to suffer through Star's stuff for another three years, but! We can petition our way around the biggest problems. I am determined that no students will suffer from our program.

So... it's been a busy week. tomorrow will be another busy day: starts at 7:30 and it's pretty much non-stop to 9PM. But this afternoon and Friday after 11 are free, and I'm loving it. Add the perfect weather, and ... I feel goooood.

This poor, benighted country, saddled with the Tea Party idiocy that is terrified of health care reform. And the foreign policy crazies, trying to finesse Syria and Iran, ignoring the horrors elsewhere unless they blow up in our faces (Nairobi, Egypt). Sigh.

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